When I am run... I feel alive, challenged, healthy and proud. I am achieving something positive, I am testing myself, I am calming my mind and filtering out the daily grind. I am working towards a goal, I am making progress, I am feeling fitter. Sometimes I am making friends and sometimes I am finding peace and tranquility in my natural surrounds.

Jim Poussard - Founder and Head Coach

We can help you to achieve something amazing! 


Adult Run Coaching

Our experienced coaches work with Adults from 18-80 years who want to get fitter, lose weight, improve run technique or achieve a specific run goal.  We know that every runner is on a different run journey so we provide a range of coaching options to help you to achieve an outcome you are proud of. We make sure sessions are fun and motivating. 


weekly adult Run coaching group

Enjoy the support and motivation of regular run coaching in a small group. We provide two different weekly run coaching sessions that compliment each other and are suitable for all levels. Each session is one hour in length and sessions are held at various Bayside locations. YOU CAN TRY YOUR FIRST GROUP RUN COACHING SESSION FOR FREE - BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL


Strength, Agility & Speed (SAS)

Focus on base fitness, technique and strength in a supportive and fun group environment.

  • Mondays 10am - Black Rock
  • Tuesdays 6.30pm - Mentone
  • Wednesday 6am - Mentone


Run Endurance & Pacing (REP): 

Focus on 'run' fitness, pacing and breathing as you increase distance and work towards your run goal.

  • Friday 10am - Black Rock
  • Saturday 7am - Mordialloc


Adult Run Coaching Group Pricing:

  • 'Run Fitness' 3-month membership: $375 (unlimited group sessions in 3 month period)
  • 'Run Goal' 6-Week Package: $199 (Includes personalised training plan)
  • Casual session rate: $20
  • Personalised 'Run Goal' training plan: $50


individual run coaching sessions (ADULTs)

We offer coaching for individuals who want to improve various aspects of their running - from correcting technique to improving fitness and speed, to working through a training program to achieve a specific time or distance goal. We also work with athletes from other sports wanting to improve their fitness and speed.  Our experienced coaches lead by head coach, Jim Poussard, take the time to understand your run history and what you want to achieve, then develop/implement a structured plan with you. We can also utilise video analysis as a tool to identify and correct technique deficiencies (additional cost).


Adult Individual Run Coaching Pricing

  • Initial 15 min consultation and assessment - FREE
  • Single Run Coaching session: $50
  • 5-Session Run Coaching package: $225
  • Video analysis: $25

To discuss how we can help you, contact Jim on ph. 0450 379 810 or email to coachjim@activegoals.com.au

Shane working hard with coach Jim

Kids Programs

weekly kids run coaching groups

We offer two weekly programs for kids to get them active and developing a love of running. Our coaches work extensively with kids in schools and athletics clubs and make sessions fun and engaging. Each session goes for 45 minutes and programs operate during the school term. 


Kids Run4Fun: Intro to Run Skills (5-12 years)

This popular session is all about fun, using games and team activities to develop running skills and improve technique. This is a great session to engage kids and keep them fit and active!

  • Tuesdays  3.45pm (during school term) - Mordialloc


Kids Run Squad (8-15 years)

For the kids that love running - this program provides coaching in agility, speed, technique and endurance at a level appropriate for their age. Our experienced coaches make sessions fun and encourage kids to work towards an achievable running goal.

  • Mondays 3.45pm (during school term) - Mordialloc


Kids Run Coaching Group Programs Pricing

  • Casual Session: $12
  • Term 1-2018 Package: $100 (9 Sessions)
Run4Fun kids practice their relay running
Our Saturday session kids on their long run


    Individual Run Coaching (KIDS)

    We regularly coach children one-on-one in order to improve their running technique and fitness. Common challenges that parents relay to us include:

    • An interest in running but a lack of confidence due to poor technique
    • A desire to improve run endurance for other sports they play
    • Wanting to improve fitness gradually after a significant injury
    • A desire to learn correct breathing and pacing to be able to run longer
    • Improve performance and race strategy for Cross Country or Athletics 

    We can assist with all these goals in a professional and engaging way. We can also utilise video analysis as a tool to identify and correct technique deficiencies (additional cost).


    5-17 Years Individual Run Coaching Pricing

    • Initial 15 min consultation and assessment - FREE
    • Single Run Coaching session - Junior (5-12 years): $40
    • 5-Session Run Coaching package - Junior (5-12 years): $175
    • Single Run Coaching session - Youth (13-17 years): $45
    • 5-Session Run Coaching package - Youth (13-17 years): $200
    • Video analysis: $25

    To discuss how we can help you, contact Jim on ph. 0450 379 810 or email to coachjim@activegoals.com.au


    School Programs

    run skills programs (Grade 1-Year 12)

    Add a before or after school run skills program at your school, lead by our experienced and engaging run coaches. These are 45 minute sessions conducted once a week. Our programs aim to develop in children a love of running and help them to improve...we coach technique, agility and run endurance through fun activities and challenges....so no boring laps of the oval. Our term-based programs are great value, parent funded and conveniently located on or adjacent to school premises.

    Benefit to school families and students:

    • A fun and challenging extra-curricular activity to keep kids fit, active and healthy.
    • Convenient weekly activity held on school grounds
    • Opportunity to work towards a run goal
    • Great value activity, generally much cheaper than other term based programs.

    Benefits to your school:

    • Providing a professional extra curricular option for your students
    • Encouraging participation in physical activity
    • Enhance the fitness of students for other sports
    • No cost to the school as programs are generally parent funded
    • We make the process easy, provide all equipment and communicate directly with participating families
    • The benefits for schools are provision of an extra curricular option for students that's no hassle, no cost (to the school) and convenient.  We provide an engaging 8-10 week term program (one session per week), lead by our accredited run coaches,  

    Contact our head coach Jim Poussard on 0450 379 810 or email coachjim@activegoals.com.au to chat about how a run skills program can add to your school offerings.




    Our Active Goal-Setting seminars can be delivered to primary or secondary school children as well as school sports teams. We discuss the SMART goals methodology as a way to help school kids achieve their sporting goals.

    Using funny and engaging stories, our seminars provide practical tools for school kids to achieve active goals. All participants receive a goal-setting worksheet that they can use to help them work towards an active goal.

    Active goal-setting seminar at Star of the Sea College

    Cross-Country coaching (PRIMARY & secondary)

    Active Goals Australia offers coaching for school cross country teams in the lead up to school, district, division or higher level competitions. Our experienced coaches have trained X-C students to state level and we aim to balance outcomes with enjoyment. Contact us for more information.

    Kids ready to go at District X-Country

    Kids ready to go at District X-Country

    In-School run clinics (Primary School)

    Want to present a PE session that's a little different? Active Goals Australia can come to your school and deliver professional and engaging run clinics to primary school students.

    • 30-60 minute sessions
    • Covering running technique, breathing, stretching, goal-setting and race strategy. 
    • Activities tailored to the age of the group
    • We make sessions fun through games and relays

    Contact us for more information or to book a session.

    Programs @ Preschool

    Our fantastic Active Kinder Kids program builds foundation run-jump-throw skills as well as fair play and confidence.  


    Active Goals Australia can partner with your kinder to deliver weekly term-based sports programs for children aged 3-5.

    • Professional accredited coach
    • Supporting the Early Years Learning Framework
    • Hassle-free - we provide all the equipment and come to you
    • Great value and flexible term-based fee structures available

    To help you decide if Active Kinder Kids is right for you, we would love to come along and run a session at your centre for FREE. For all the details, view our Active Kinder Kids information brochure and give us a call to discuss your requirements.

    View our Kindergarten Brochure

    Active Kids & Adults

    Active Kids

    Developing a love of being active at an early age is so important. With screen time increasing, we are seeing significant health issues with over 25% of Australian children today classified as overweight or obese.  The key is to make being active FUN and ACHIEVABLE for all kids (not just the sporty ones)


    Active Adults

    Many adults we speak to really want (and need) to exercise more but don't know where to start or how to motivate themselves. Our regular 6 Week Run Challenges are a great way to work towards a running goal in a supportive small group environment. Our coaches get such a buzz seeing people become regular confident runners following a 'Run Challenge'.

    Check out our active programs for kids and adults below.

    About Us

    Located in Mordialloc Victoria, Active Goals Australia is a small business passionate about getting adults and kids active for life.  We do this through our engagement with schools, kindergartens, businesses, community groups and individuals.

    Our services include:

    • Run coaching for groups and individuals
    • Weekly Kids run coaching sessions
    • Adult 6-Week Run Challenges
    • School running clinics and Cross-Country training
    • Active Goal-Setting seminars
    • Preschool active programs
    • School Holiday Programs

    All our services aim to build a love of being active by making sessions fun, positive and engaging. Our coaching staff are experienced Athletics Australia-accredited coaches who have significant experience engaging with both children and adults.


    Jim Poussard is Active Goals Australia's head coach and facilitator.

    Jim teaches athletics and running skills to over 500 school children each term in his role as a Level 2 Accredited Coach with Athletics Australia. Jim is well regarded by parents and teachers alike for his professionalism and ability to engage with children.

    Jim loves to keep active. He has completed over 35 marathons and is coach of the Mordialloc Social Running Club.  Jim has 3 children in primary school and loves to eat chocolate (in moderation).

    Coach Jim running a clinic with primary school kids

    What people are saying about us...

    Jim held a fantastic running seminar for our cross country and athletics students. The students were engaged in the discussions and learn’t how to set SMART running goals. We will definitely be asking Jim back.
    — Lauren Munday, Head of Sport, Star of the Sea College
    Jim is reliable and professional. He engaged well with the kids at clinics he ran at our school. I would highly recommend Jim as he was very easy to work with for my fellow staff and I.
    — Brett Herskope, Sports Coordinator, Huntingdale Primary School
    Jim is a very friendly and supportive coach who helped me to run my first marathon. It was an amazing experience and I am looking forward to the next one!
    — Emma Morgan, Parkdale mum
    Jim’s experience & encouragement helped me run a 5km fun run and now I love running and am working towards my next running goal
    — Sharon, Run Challenge participant
    I am so happy that I stuck to my runs even though in the beginning I was slow and had to stop on many occasions. I feel empowered every step of the way. Thank you Jim for your support!
    — Monique, Run Challenge participant

    Want to get active or know more?  Get moving and contact us via any of the methods below

    Call: 0450 379 810 

    Email: info@activegoals.com.au

    Facebook: facebook.com/activegoalsaustralia